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I've finally tracked down a copy of the SCR.COMP.001 (Various) made by subscribers of the Socal-Raves mailing list in 1998! Listen to the 13 tracks or download a ZIP file of the whole album on the  Mixtape Archive  page

New submission to the Mixtape Archive by Lara Croft - Generic Sampler (Old School Techno Mix)
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Live radio set by DJ Terminus - Fluid Frequencies (Liquid and electro DnB) Recorded 2012.10.01
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Terminus - Fluid Frequencies by Dj Terminus on Mixcloud

Today marks our 15th year of operation. Many thanks to all you visitors, I'm glad people have been getting some enjoyment out of it. I only started the site because I wanted a server to transfer files between friends, and I thought I might as well make an index page for anyone interested. I'm surprised how much traffic it gets daily. If you're feeling particularly generous...

Mix by Kevin King - The Shutdown (House Mix)
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DJ Terminus - Techno Mix
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Mix by Scott Beam - Get Back in the House
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Scott Beam - Get Back in the House (House Mix) by Scott Beam on Mixcloud

Mix by Kevin King - Electroswingers Partie
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Electroswingers partie by K3vink1ng on Mixcloud

DRTYLOGIC - Sativa Sunrise (Future Jungle)
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Remix by Scott Beam of Lea Luna and Soren LaRue's "Mo' Money" (Progressive)

Experimental Ambient improvisation by Scott Beam - Long Way Away

May 31, 2010:
In the process of archiving cassettes, I've come across several damaged ones that have needed some repair to get working correctly. Since I was going through the process anyway, I thought I'd make a YouTube video to show you how to fix a broken tape should you have one. If you've got a mixtape you'd like to hear again, send it to me and I'll fix it up and give you a nice digital copy.

Whatever you do, DON'T THROW IT AWAY!!!

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