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Lara Croft - Generic Sampler,  MP3 (Old School Techno Mix)

Various (Compilations):

SCR.COMP.001 CD Insert
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Socal-Raves Compilation 001 (CD) 1998:
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Added 2015.01.27
SCR.COMP.001.01 - Stupid Octave Cat - The Wormhole,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.02 - SP_476 - Blue Hydrangea,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.03 - Twenty Twelve - Groove The Butt,  FLAC,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.04 - GTA - Fresh Is...,  FLAC,   OGG,    MP3
SCR.COMP.001.05 - Magnet - Which Way (Amtrak Mix),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.06 - Kafin8d vs. Max Alert - Jungle Sucks Cheesy Poofs,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.07 - Torsion vs. bit}}manipulation - Bubblewrap (Overnight Mix),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.08 - Assid Bath - l'ooze yourself,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.09 - 2Silver Boxes vs. Skatterbrain - Tone Error,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.10 - Koshi - Chicken Bones And Some Pork,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.11 - Clutch - PT,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.12 - Sumi - Hawks,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
SCR.COMP.001.13 - bit}}manipulation vs. Torsion - Beats Workin (Thwack! Mix),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3


DJ Dan - Live at How Sweet It Is
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.29

DJ Sunrise - Speakerwall Science
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.20

Justin Hale - For the Love of Music
  Front Side,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3   Flip Side,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.22

Wilhelm K - Live at Get Freaky 3
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.22

Xiulin Liustan - Rhythmic Journey
  Side A (House),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B (Trance),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.22

UK Hard House:

Digital Cloud Productions - 2000.1 - Side A - Psyber (Breakbeat),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side B - Terminus (UK Hard House),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.28


DJ Terminus - Techno Mix
Added 2014.06.09>

Koo-Kane - Technological
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.24

Lara Croft - Generic Sampler,  MP3
Added 2015.01.29


Digital Cloud Productions - 2000.1
  Side A - Psyber (Breakbeat),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B - Terminus (UK Hard House),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.08

DJ N8 (Nathan Phillips) - Breakin' the Boundaries Vol 1
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.24

Simply Jeff - Live at Groove Tech Seattle - 2000/09/29
  Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.19


AO - 9 Songs
  Side A  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.25

Ganesh - Listen
  Ganesh - Listen - Side A  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Ganesh - Listen - Side B  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.29

Thee-O - Live at onE   Thee-O - Live at onE Thee-O - Live at onE- Side A,  FLAC,   OGG   MP3    
Thee-O - Live at onE- Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.26

Xiulin Liustan - Rhythmic Journey
  Xiulin Liustan - Rhythmic Journey- Side A (House),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
  Xiulin Liustan - Rhythmic Journey- Side B (Trance),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.22

Drum and Bass:

DJ Crazy - The 47 Ronin Story - Side A (Shogun),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.29

Kingpin - In the Clutches of the Kingpin - Side K,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side I,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.19

Maxalert and Elixr - She's Looking at Us - Maxalert - Side A (Glare),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Elixr - Side B (Stare),  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.27

Maxalert - Stepchild - Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.24

Happy Hardcore:

Lostboy - Simply Hardcore - Side A,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3 - Side B,  FLAC,   OGG,   MP3
Added 2010.05.25

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